Student Testimonials

“As a Movement Specialist with a successful private business and long list of pre-existing credentials (including yin yoga) I wanted to add a yoga certification.

I am a serial education geek, but I carefully choose my teachers: I’m looking to learn from someone who I truly believe can enhance my own mind and body approach, in order to make me a better human and a better practitioner.

I thusly found myself, as I often do, researching options. I wanted to study from a best-in-class teacher, but I also didn’t want to close my business for a month.

Alanna’s reputation, plus the “practical” benefits of online learning won me over.

It is so much more than any video or pamphlet implies. We have honest access to the mentors and to Alanna (when they say that, they mean that), and the course structure demands legitimate accountability for learning the material in a way that doesn’t even exist in most “real life” courses. The course structure means that you can’t just check the boxes and graduate – you have to do the work and you get actual feedback along the way.

It’s an honest and first-in-class course. Credential? Check. But you are going to grow and learn and be challenged along the way. Just what I signed up for!”

Janis Isaman

My Body Couture

“Everything about this program exceeded my expectations. I love that I can take my time to dive deeper into the content and really make it my own. I didn’t expect so much interaction with the mentors, I love hearing all their feedback. Like on the final 60 min class, how often are you able to teach a full 60 min class, get great feedback and the opportunity to improve yourself and do it again! Not many teacher trainings will offer this. And the private FB group has been very supportive in this whole journey! Absolutely the best decision I took last year!”

Patricia P.

“The Kaivalya Yoga Method® teacher training has been an incredible experience. It gives me the luxury of training and learning at home and during work breaks on my own time and at my own pace. I also love all of the in-depth instruction, pacing, and style of the courses. I highly suggest this program to anyone looking for flexibility and outstanding instruction from a yoga teacher training!”

Alyssa L.

Dynamic Lynks

“As I was recording a video at my favorite studio, the owner, and a very close friend was simply blown away by all that I was learning. (I had my huge binder with all my notebooks with me). She said she never had to learn this type of material in her training; especially the anatomy portion. Again, I am SO grateful for this opportunity. So many people tied to dissuade me from an online course. I simply could not have made a better decision.”

Abby M.

“When I decided to pursue my yoga teaching certification, I researched countless teacher trainings in search of one that was affordable, convenient, and most importantly, offered a comprehensive and engaging curriculum. What set the Kaivalya Yoga Method® online training apart from the rest was its innovative use of multimedia channels to provide knowledge and support remotely without compromising the integrity of the mentor/student relationship that forms during in-person trainings. This training has not only given me valuable insight into how to safely and effectively teach yoga, but also into improving my quality of life by applying yogic philosophies in everything I do.”

Kayla M.

“The Kaivalya Yoga Method Teacher Training is fantastic! I have learned much more than I ever anticipated. Each module has been informative, engaging, detailed and very worth my time. Alanna Kaivalya brings such a beautiful presence and relevance to the video class presentations that I feel like I am actually in the room with her. The assignments truly assess learning and the mentors have been phenomenal in providing essential feedback, support and suggestions for improvement. I am admittedly not tech savvy in any way, and I have been able to take classes and upload video assignments without difficulty. I have taken traditional yoga teacher trainings and although I was unsure how effective an online only training could be, I am so happy that I gave it a chance.”

Anne C.

“I am half way through the Anatomy module and I am seriously having my mind blown. The detail and depth of information I am learning is phenomenal. The content is delivered very clearly and easy to follow through videos and written slides. If you are already a yoga teacher looking to be reinspired or this is your first time training, I can’t actually express enough at how high the standard is that you will be learning.”

Colleen B.

“I was initially intrigued by the online yoga teacher training due to the flexible schedule and ability to do it in the comfort of my own home. The Kaivalya Yoga Method® teacher training from has far surpassed my expectations of not just an online training but of any yoga teacher training. I enjoy the different methods of interaction with the Mentors as well as the other students. The feedback on assignments or response to any questions is received in a timely manner as well as being thorough and informative. My original intent of getting yoga teacher training was for my own personal benefit, but Alanna’s joy for the practice shines through and makes me feel confident enough to consider teaching for the public, I know by the end of the training I will have all the tools I would need!”

Chantel Rivard

“I am extremely grateful for The Kaivalya Yoga Method® Teacher Training! I am learning so much and love the flexibility of doing it at my own time and pace! The feedback I get with the assignments and submitting videos is excellent, it even makes me forget it’s all done online. There is a lot of interaction, motivation and the mentors are fast at responding to any of my questions. I highly recommend this course!! I have even heard friends who completed their training elsewhere say they did not cover as much detail as we are. What started off, for me, as just a way to expand my knowledge in Yoga for my personal growth turned into a passion for helping others and was the foundation to furthering my holistic training and start my own sacred business!!”

Melissa De Los Santos

The Dreaming Yogi

“I am so pleased with the training! It has far exceeded my expectations! I have been given such amazing feedback from my assignments to not only grow my own personal practice but to build my confidence to be a meaningful instructor to others. I am so glad I started!”

Claudette L.

“I love the online training so far – I feel more and more confident in my ability to teach as I progress through each module and love that I can take it at my own pace to allow a healthier integration of the information + listen to each lecture as often as I’d like to build clarification and understanding. Honestly, I can’t imagine a better introduction to a 200-hour.”

Catrina A

The training is thorough, well thought out, and layers itself in an intelligent way – much like your method of sequencing! The ability to move through the material at your own pace; re-examine, absorb and integrate the material into your current teaching is brilliant. I love that you are tested on the materials periodically throughout the module to ensure your understanding before moving forward is key to producing knowledgeable and trustworthy teachers. The incredible access to yourself and all the mentors is unprecedented among any online courses I have previously taken. Your program is infused with spirit, love, and dedication to the art and practice of yoga. Thank you for sharing yourself and your knowledge! Love this program!”

Sara M.