Student Orientation: The Kaivalya Yoga Method Teacher Training 
Get started on your path to becoming a yoga teacher, from the comfort of...anywhere!

Interested in becoming a yoga teacher? Want to learn more about yoga? This is your sign to do it!

In this 8-day mini-course, we distill the training down to a few elements to give you a taste of what we offer in our full 500 hour online program.

By signing up for this mini-course, you are guided through one module per day by Alanna Kaivalya, the founder of The Kaivalya Yoga Method online training. Try out the program first, and witness the power of online learning!

Here is what you learn each day:

  • Day One: The alignment of yoga's most fundamental pose, Tadasana
  • Day Two: Basic adjustments to get you started as a yoga teacher
  • Day Three: Sequencing guidelines that you can apply to your own home practice (and eventually teaching!)
  • Day Four: The power of Prana and your energetic body
  • Day Five: Fundamental meditation technique and how to lead a guided meditation practice
  • Day Six: The power of Om, and why we chant it in yoga class
  • Day Seven: What the definition of yoga really is
  • Day Eight: A simple phrase from yoga philosophy that will change your life

Alanna Kaivalya personally walks you through a daily sample from each of the modules in The Kaivalya Yoga Method Teacher Training so that you can see how dynamic and thorough this course truly is!

Free Preview of The Kaivalya Yoga Method Online Teacher Training
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