The Kaivalya Method is a comprehensive blend of ancient and modern wisdom from both the East and the West. In order for yoga practice to truly benefit the modern practitioner with psychospiritual transformation, it must be bolstered with additional teachings from the realm of ritual, alchemy and modern psychology, while re-incorporating some of the lost principles of mythology, philosophy and historic yoga traditions.

The Kaivalya Yoga Method creates a guide for the practitioner to forge his or her own path and develop his or her own personal yoga practice as a personal mythology. The development of a personal mythology is a necessity for the present day in order to have a place to connect—with oneself, one’s purpose and the meaning of one’s life, as well as with other like-minded individuals and community.

The components of a functional personal mythology include a structure for personal development and a system of holistic belief, which derives from symbols and archetypes most alive in the individual. A personal mythology allows the individual to navigate psychospiritual integration and mine the depths of the psyche to move toward the goal of yoga as a state of consciousness.

The Kaivalya Yoga Method revisions yoga as a practice specifically for modern, Western practitioners. Unlike the East, the West promotes and develops individualism, so a one-size-fits-all method does not work. As a result, the clearest method for psychospiritual integration is one that occurs on an individual level, and speaks to the archetypal, symbolic, and mythological contents of the individual.

Personal myth does not emerge in a vacuum. People need the structural template from which to craft and build a myth, as well as an understanding of the critical importance of a personal myth. Luckily, The Kaivalya Yoga Method offers a template for practitioners to follow. Using this template to craft a yoga practice that catalyzes inner change creates one that is both thorough and complete.

By following the cycle to the end, a complete personal myth that takes an individual from a starting place to a place of profound transformation is possible. The end goal of yoga as a personal mythology is the psychospiritual state of yoga—enlightenment and individuation; complete psychological and spiritual synthesis. This is not only possible when yoga is crafted and followed as a personal mythology: it completes the picture of yoga for modern practitioners and gives them a way to navigate the current cultural paradigm with ultimate success.

With less emphasis on the physical, and more emphasis on the psychological and spiritual, The Kaivalya Yoga Method integrates the following principles and practices:

Ritual – The development and creation of personal ritual allows the practitioner to create a sacred space within their own body. While a personal ritual may include asana practice, it must have a directed, conscious outcome to elevate the practice beyond merely physical movements to the level of a spiritual practice; a sadhana.

Alchemy – This profound, ancient practice and philosophy links the esoteric principles of yoga with a Western model that is both seamless and completely congruent. It aids the practitioner in understanding the process of psychological transformation that results in the spiritual opus of yoga.

Mythology – Yogic myth strengthens the dialogue between conscious and unconscious. It fills in the missing pieces for practitioners and gives them an opportunity to work with the power of myth in to discover the richness of the archetypal truths they point to. Practitioners may use classical yogic mythology until either they find or rediscover their own.

Psychology – Modern depth psychology outlines the integration of conscious with the unconscious and provides the roadmap for a stronger connection between the two. It lends a rich understanding to the role of psychological transformation in pursuit of spiritual transcendence.

Journey of the Hero – The way of the hero is known, and all aspirants must walk a similar path, though the individual path must be one’s own. Here we find the steps of both inner and outer transformation.

All these principles and practices are threaded together with yoga traditions to create The Kaivalya Yoga Method.

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